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Richard Blum & Associates provides small to medium size companies with independent qualified pension plan consulting, design, implementation and administrative services. The RB&A approach to pension planning can be summed up in three words:

Objective, Professional and Ethical

Many pension firms derive the bulk of their income from the sale of life insurance and investments to the plan. The advice these firms often times give has as its primary goal the generation of large commissions as opposed to best meeting the plan's objectives.

Richard Blum & Associates does not sell any investment products. Our fees are generated by providing the most professional information to the plan sponsor which best accomplishes the goals of the plan.

Many times there are questions which arise concerning the operation of a pension program. Do you want your questions answered by someone interested in only selling you investments? Do you want your questions answered by someone's assistant with very limited pension plan experience?

At the Richard Blum & Associates, you will speak directly with Richard Blum, an Actuary and Pension Consultant with over 30 years of experience. You ask a question and get it answered; immediately, directly and correctly. That is the RB&A approach.

Are you frustrated by the lack of
understanding concerning your plan's
needs that is shown by most so-called
"pension professionals?"

At RB&A we know how to untangle the complexities concerning pension plans and explain them in a very understandable manner. Being able to explain how a plan works to both employers and their employees greatly appreciates the value of the plan.